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Bringing the Mediterranean and
Tropics to a British Garden, Seafront and Business.

Real Palm tree supply & planting service. Hire of Palm trees for Events, Weddings, TV & Film Productions.

How would YOU like to feel you are in the Mediterranean everytime you look out of your window?

Date Palm Essex
Date Palm Essex

Palm trees will not grow in Britain? Yes they will! We offer examples that will survive even the coldest UK winters, like the one we have just had, with palms hardy to -15°C. We have been test growing several species in the ground, outside in Essex since 2003 and had gained valuable knowledge & experience. Stephen Huntley of Tropical Landscapes UK is one of the leading experts in the UK of growing Palm trees outside. He has also developed a growing medium that will speed up Palm tree establishment and growth.

Warmest decade on record.

Climate Change is happening. Why not plant a Palm tree and offset your Carbon Emissions?

The first decade of this century has been, by far, the warmest decade on the instrumental record. This information is from the Met Office.

Recent figures released at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit show that — despite 1998 being the warmest individual year — the last ten years have clearly been the warmest period in the 160-year record of global surface temperature, maintained jointly by the Met Office Hadley Centre and the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

Similar results are revealed in the independent analyses made by the United States National Climatic Data Center and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Met Office average temperatures

Want to impress your visitors and neighbours?
A magnificent, mature Palm tree will provide Gardens, Seafronts, Hotels or Golf Clubs with an amazing exotic sight! What about interior Palms for your Showroom Office, Swimming Pool, Hot Tub or Spa?
Arranging a Caribbean, Jungle, Beach themed Party or Summer Ball? What about a Wedding or Exhibition? Palm Tree Hire now available. Palms also available for use as Film props & for TV programmes.
When properly planted and cared for, Palm trees can add beauty and value to your property.
Why not let Tropical Landscapes UK make those ideas come true!
This really can become a reality in a British garden.

'I ordered my palm tree as a special surprise for my wife to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Kim, my wife, has always loved palm trees and to have one in our own garden would be very special. The Tropical Landscapes UK team did a fantastic job planting our tree in a very tight time frame whilst Kim was at work, ensuring that she got the shock of her life to find her own palm tree in our garden. My surprise though has been the fantastic after sales service that is provided by Stephen Huntley, the proprietor of Tropical Landscapes UK. He is always available to provide advice and has ensured that our tree has received the care and attention to ensure it prospers. We have now had the tree for over 1 year and it looks fantastic and choosing Tropical Landscapes UK has proven to be a great decision. Thank you.'

Gary Webb, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.


Picture taken in Essex, UK, showing amazing optional night time lighting.


Tropical Landscapes UK do not use peat in our growing medium. Peat is mined from bogs, all that is left of a unique primeval wilderness. Only 6% of Britain's peat bogs remain in a near-natural state. We use something that is better than peat, a product that is produced from Palm trees and is organically accredited.

“Tropical Landscapes UK have provided palm trees for The 3 Foot People Festival and The Fling festival for the past two years in part to provide shade but also as a unique feature to a sandpit and ‘beach’ area on site. The public were clearly impressed by the overall effect and we were delighted with the friendly and professional service they provided.”

Liam Rich, Cultural Events Manager, Chelmsford Borough Council

The Fling, The 3 Foot People Festival for Chelmsford Borough Council

We have supplied Palm trees & banana plants for Beach parties at Bluewater and Lakeside Shopping Centres for designer clothes shops, Cecil Gee (Moss Bros/Hugo Boss Group.) We were sponsors along with Premier Models & Sol Beer. We have also supplied exotic plants for the Group's, London Head Office.




'Tropical Landscapes UK really added to our beach themed events at our flagship Cecil Gee stores at Bluewater & Lakeside; the real palm trees & banana plants supplied fitted the brief and the company was a pleasure to deal with at all levels being both professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend adding that extra touch with live props and Tropical Landscapes UK really knew how to deliver'.

Phillip Bodenham, Brand Marketing Manager, Cecil Gee.

Press & Radio Features.

Featured on BBC Essex Breakfast Show in Live Broadcast on 'Tropical Essex'.
Evening Echo' Business Magazine Cover & Feature
Featured on BBC Essex Breakfast Show in Live Broadcast on 'Tropical Essex'. 'Evening Echo' Business Magazine Cover & Feature.


Stephen Huntley from Tropical Landscapes, being interviewed for BBC Essex Breakfast Live Broadcast.
Stephen Huntley from Tropical Landscapes, being interviewed for BBC Essex Breakfast Live Broadcast. 
Guild of Master Craftsmen Member Profile Feature Pictured in 'Daily Express' & on BBC Look East Weather report of Bananas growing outside in Essex.
Guild of Master Craftsmen Member Profile Feature.
Pictured in 'Daily Express' & on BBC Look East Weather report of Bananas growing outside in Essex.

Gold Service Package.
Palm Trees 4.5-7.5 metres (15-25 feet-total height).

Tropical Landscapes UK offer a unique and complete service package which includes:
Plant selection & supply.
Transportation to UK.
Soil excavation and preparation.
Skip for removal of soil.
Transport by low-loader with Hi-Ab crane to your site.
Planting in our specially formulated growing medium.
Deep Irrigation System.
Optional Automatic irrigation (recommended and subject to free survey). (Not included).
Optional lighting. (Not included).
The personal attention of Stephen Huntley during preparation and planting of the palm tree.
Maintenance Service. We return several times over the year to check on the health and progress of the tree. During this time we apply special organic bio-stimulants and feed with nutrients to keep the tree looking it's best. We also trim old leaves.
FREE advice.
Our Palm trees are BIG-up to the size of a two storey house.
One or two mature trees will certainly give your garden an established look.

Service launched May 2006.
Silver Service Package.
Palm trees up to 3 meters (10 feet-total height).
Transport to UK.
Transportation to site.
Excavation and preparation of hole.
Planting in specially formulated growing medium.
Deep irrigation system.
Removal of excess soil from site.
FREE advice.

5 million Public Liability Insurance cover.

Member of The International Palm Society.

Commercial member of The International Palm Society.

Pictures of Palm trees taken in UK, Tenerife, Fiji & New Zealand available in large sizes NOW AVAILABLE to buy. Ideal Birthday Gift! See 'Palm Tree Prints for Sale' on left taskbar.

Pictures (c) Copyright; Andrew Huntley &           Stephen Huntley A.R.P.S. All Rights Reserved.

Date Palms Tenerife April 2006
Date Palms Tenerife April 2006

Fiji Coconut Palm Sunset011
Fiji Coconut Palm Sunset011

Fiji Coconut Palm Sunset010
Fiji Coconut Palm Sunset010

Fiji Coconut Palms008
Fiji Coconut Palms008

Palm trees in the snow, Essex, February 2006.
Palm trees in the snow, Essex, February 2006.

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Order NOW for Spring and Summer 2010 planting (8-25ft/2.5-7.5m high Palm trees). Limited numbers available for the largest pot grown trees. First come, first served basis. Hire service and interior palms available throughout the year.

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